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Crazy Canine and Fuzzy Feline Photo Contest

Thank you for supporting our team, Paws for the Cure and our fundraising efforts for the Tour de Cure bike ride for diabetes. With your help, our team raised over $2,600.00

The ride took place on June 5th, 2011. It was a beautiful morning with bright sunshine and cool temperatures.

Team members, Sandy Claes, Michele Kordyjak, Heather Whipple and Marisa Adler rode the 10 mile route. All agreed that it was a perfect day for a ride and were very pleased with a slightly different route from last year. The route had less riding on route 9 and more riding through Saratoga State Park. One wonderful part of the ride remained on the route. The big hill! Sandy and Heather made the climb, while Michele walked it with Marisa. (Marisa is Pat's 14 year old goddaughter.) This was Marisa's first Tour and the rest of the team, all veteran Tour riders, encouraged her throughout the ride. In fact, as they reached the finish line, they asked Marisa to lead them in and across the finish line, finishing in a little over an hour. While they waited for Pat and her husband Mike to return from their ride, they took in a massage and post tour festivities.

Team members Pat and Mike Rusilas rode the 50 mile route. The route took them south to Ballston Lake and west toward Charlton, north toward Rock City and up into the Lake Desolation area. After the loop through Desolation the ride went through Porter Corners, Greenfield and back to Saratoga. It was a great ride with some challenging hills and long grades. They finished in a little over 3 ½ hours. It was their fastest 50 mile ride.

Thanks again for all of your support and for taking the time to participate in our photo contest. We loved all the photos!!

The winners for the dog section of our contest was Seth and Nicole Reidel, with their dogs, Angus and Lucy

Time out

The winner for the cat section was Joyce Riedinger and her cat, Westy

Winner takes all

Additionally, we had two runners-up:

Deb NassFrancesca Bogdon